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Caught in the Breeze: Fifth Haiku Pacific Rim Conference 2012

After a year of preparation, the Fifth Haiku Pacific Rim Conference 2012 convened on 5 September with a picnic at Point Lobos Nature Reserve. The Conference continued at Asilomar State Beach and Conference Center which provided conference facilities and lodging as well as the experience of the natural world of the Pacific coast. Scheduled events included the keynote address and inspirational contributions by Dr. Akito Arima, papers and presentations by many participants on haiku and allied forms, a ginko, a kukai, art workshops, and renku. Dr. Arima, leader of the Ten’I Haiku Group and Haiku International Association of Tokyo, was presented with an award for his contributions to the internationalization of haiku.

The founder of the Haiku Pacific Rim Conference, Jerry Ball, was on hand to greet the conferees, provide leadership in events, and initiate planning for future meetings in the series. The Conference anthology, Caught in the Breeze, which features poems by the Conference participants, is dedicated to Jerry Ball. See the Anthology page for the dedicatory Introduction by Susan Antolin, the anthology editor.

The Conference  concluded on 9 September with a number of the conferees taking a scenic stroll in Carmel and a bus trip back to San Francisco. The enthusiastic appreciation expressed by many of the conferees during the last day convinced the organizers that the Conference had been a success.

The Yuki Teikei Haiku Society and the Haiku Poets of Northern California planned and conducted the Conference. These organizations and the Haiku Society of America, the Poetry Center of San Jose, the Ten’I Haiku Group, the Consulate of Japan San Francisco and many individuals, provided donations and special support.

A full report on the Conference is in preparation and will be provided on this website when complete. In the meantime, features will be added here as they become available. At the Conference Donna Beaver and Alan Pizzarelli were busy photographing and audio  and video recording the proceedings for their webcast Haiku Chronicles. Donna and Al  have posted an outstanding video recording of a conversation on haiku topics between Dr. Arima and Donna. See the crew at work here.

Additional Conference images and events are available at the following links.

  • Garry Gay photographed all participants on the steps of the Administration Building; the photo is provided here.
  • Mimi Ahern hung a painting, “Wake of the Tsunami, 2011”, painted by her nephew, and invited the poets attending the conference to write what the painting inspired in them. The painting and poems it engendered are here.
  • June Hopper Hymas and Deborah Kolodji took many estimable photographs of the Conferees and the Conference environment. See JHH photos and DK photos.
  • The winners of the 2012 Tokutomi Memorial contest were announced at the Conference and are posted on the YoungLeaves website.
  • The Yuki Teikei Haiku Society’s 2012 members’ anthology, Bending Reeds, was distributed to members at the Conference. The anthology, edited by Patricia Machmiller and produced by Judith Schallberger, includes as a special feature new translations of  many haiku of the important Japanese poets Dr. Akito Arima and Kai Hasegawa. A description and ordering information are shown on the Society’s Publications page.

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